Free CNA Training

For the prospective CNA, there are a variety of ways to obtain the training and qualification need to become a certified nursing assistant. Free CNA training is one of these ways. There are a number of options that the prospective CNA can take advantage of, in order to obtain nursing assistant training free of charge.

A lot of long term care facilities, nursing homes and even a number of hospitals offer interested prospective CNAs the option of free CNA training. Usually the free CNA training is offered as a condition of an agreement that comes with accepting free training from an organization or business.

It is rare for hospitals to provide free CNA training and most of the organizations and businesses that offer free training are nursing homes or long term care facilities. It is recommended for the prospective CNA interested in becoming a certified professional through a free training program, to contact the nursing homes and long term care facilities in the area, in order to find out which ones offer this type of free training program. Interested prospective CNAs need to do a brief research in order to locate the organizations that offer free CNA Training. It is recommended if the prospective CNA is able to contact the State Board of Nursing to get a list of approved CNA training programs. Getting this list helps a lot to narrow down the list of facilities to contact regarding free nursing assistant training.

Prospective CNA must realize that the company or the organization that offer free CNA Training classes do so with the desire to prepare a well trained employee. If the prospective CNAs accept the chance to complete a free nursing assistant training program then the company that provides the CNA training will expect the training program participants to accept employment at their facility after successful certification. The companies and organizations providing free CNA training will require that training participants stay employed at their facility for a specific period of time. In some cases the prospective CNA may have to sign a contract agreeing to remain employed for a certain period after the CNA training is completed.

If you, as prospective CNA, are looking for an opportunity to change your career and move into the medical field seeking free CNA training may be a good choice for you.

Just as it is with the paid CNA training programs, the free nursing assistant training provided will include both written and practical sections. In order to be state approved, all training programs must offer a minimum number of learning hours for both the classroom and the clinical portions of the program, so the choice of free CNA training program will provide the prospective CNA the same knowledge of the nursing assistant profession. The duties and the time needed to complete the training will be the same as if participating in a paid CNA training program.

After the prospective CNA has completed the free CNA training provided from a company or organization, the professional needs to successfully pass the CNA certification test in order to be certified to perform a CNA job. Some facilities will allow the professional to work in their organizations while waiting to take the test to become certified nursing assistant. Some facilities that highly value their employees will even pay for the prospective CNA to take the certification test. After successfully passing the certification test the CNA will work at the facility that has provided the free training and the fee for the certification test, for the period contracted.

The availability of free CNA training classes provide excellent alternative for the prospectives CNAs who want to enter the health care field but are concerned about the cost of the training.

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