Ten reasons to complete a CNA Training and become a CNA

CNA training provides great career opportunities in a morally and financially rewarding field.

Trying to outline few of the benefits of a CNA career we have pointed 10 good reasons to consider a CNA training and CNA career:

  1. Noble and morally rewarding career – CNA career is perfect job decision for everyone wanting to have a meaningful life and career dedicated to helping others. Providing help to people in health condition that sometimes has put away even their closest relatives is extremely noble and morally rewarding. The CNA professionals often have more direct involvement in patient care than almost any other medical professionals and this involvement requires a lot of personal qualities different from the professional nursing assistant knowledge and training. A compassionate heart is a must have for every Certified Nurse Aide and the rewards for the certified professionals go far beyond what shows up on the weekly paycheck.
  2. Growing demand – CNA career is one of the few fields where job opportunities and potential has exponential growth compared to the many industries where the job market is shrinking. CNA job potential is continuously expanding, thanks to aging baby boomers. These boomers account for about 30% of the population in the USA today. As they age they are creating a greater need for health Certified Nursing Assistants that have the skills and training needed to care for them and taking care of their medical condition. Completing CNA Training provides incredible stability and job security.
  3. Free education – Hospitals, nursing centers, retirement homes and long-term care facilities in many cities across the USA offer free CNA Training in exchange for a specified length of service on the CNA job. Because of the high demand the education costs become higher, and for many prospective CNA professionals the availability of  free CNA training providing all the skills and knowledge required to become a CNA and pass the CNA certification test free of charge is a great opportunity to be trained and become a CNA. Free CNA training for many professionals is the only option to start morally rewarding CNA career and improve their financial situation.
  4. Fast training – On average CNA training lasts from 6 to 12 weeks. This relatively short training period allows prospective certified nursing assistants to start CNA career and improve their income sooner than many other training programs of study. In order to get CNA training it is also possible the prospective CNA to take community college or junior college CNA training classes that will last an entire semester of training to become a CNA. It isn’t necessary though unless that is the environment in which the prospective Nurse Aide learns best. Many facilities offer much shorter and more intensive CNA training courses that allow students to take their CNA Certification tests and get to CNA work at a much faster pace.
  5. Improved income – Certified Nursing Assistants get salary that averages between $20,000 and $30,000 a year. For the amount of training and education required for these CNA positions it is an excellent launching point compared to almost any career. Certified Nurse Assistant professionals doesn’t get nurse right out the door as a CNA, but the possibilities and income potential far outweigh the possibilities of countless list of many other career opportunities that most people without a four-year degree or some sort of highly specialized training are able to get.
  6. Opportunities for advancement – Many medical facilities will offer tuition assistance and practical experience for advanced studies and training in nursing or other medical fields. C.N.A. position is the perfect entry level position CNA professional to get foot in the door for more advanced medical training and a much greater income potential in the health care field.
  7. PortabilityWhile moving from US state to US state may require professionals in other fields to update their certification, CNA professionals have a job that is in high demand in almost every state of the USA. One of the great benefits of a CNA career is the fact that no matter where a certified professional needs to move, the Certified Nursing Assistant will have training and experience that is competitive in a field that is in high demand. Almost every city in the USA has a need for qualified and highly trained  CNA professionals. Completing CNA training and successfully becoming a CNA grants every health care professional a career that doesn’t depend on the location where the certified professional lives.
  8. Provides preview of nursing experience – Working as a CNA provides students interested in a career in nursing the opportunity to decide if this is a good career choice for them, before investing years of expensive medical study at a medical college or university. For sure the nursing field is not for everyone – while there are many moral and financial rewards there are also many challenges. It takes a specific type of strong personality to be a nurse or a CNA. There’s no better way to understand how tough and challenging (apart from rewarding) the nursing/ CNA job can be, than to work shoulder to shoulder with other nurses. The CNA Training and afterwards a CNA career is the perfect way for deciding exactly that.
  9. OptionsCertified Nursing Assistants have a wide range of choices for work environments. Home health career is one of the options for every CNA as well as career in many different types of medical facilities. In addition to the many options in terms of location, CNAs are needed to help care for patients 24 hours a day. There is a wide range of extremely flexible options for days and hours to work in the CNA field and this flexibility adds to the benefits of a CNA career a lot.
  10. Benefits – In addition to a slightly higher income potential, certified nursing assistants also receive benefits with many of the companies that hire CNAs. These benefits may include medical, dental, and retirement assistance. There are also other benefits that might not be as immediately recognizable such as training tuition assistance or reimbursement for Certified Nursing Assistants taking training classes to become LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) or RNs (Registered Nurses), that many facilities offer.
Photo courtesy of:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/christianacare

Photo copyright: http://www.flickr.com/photos/christianacare

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