Is the training obtained during Online CNA Training Classes sufficient?

Everyone who has decided to complete a CNA Training program and become a nurse aide, has the opportunity to choose between a school based CNA training course or online CNA training programs, which have grown in popularity in recent years. Although after completion of either of the two forms of training, the prospective nurse aides have to pass one and the same state CNA certification exam and has to have identical medical training and skills, the choice between the two forms of training is an important one and should be carefully considered.

Online CNA Training Programs can be easily found online. The fees of the online CNA Training programs are lower compared to the ones of the school and college based CNA training programs. Online CNA Training Programs are much more convenient for the prospective CNAs who have to combine the training program schedule with their work schedule. The online based CNA training programs save a lot of time since there is no need for traveling to the training center and their greatest benefit is that the CNA Training classes can be attend at convenient for the prospective CNA time and additional questions can be asked in the training program’s chat rooms.

Great benefit of the online CNA Training programs is the fact that the training classes are taught in the peace of home, which for many prospective Certified Nursing Assistants helps them focusing easier and mastering the training material. But despite all the mentioned benefits of online CNA training, question occurs if online training programs provide sufficient training to pass the state CNA certification exam and perform their daily duties as a CNA. In fact the topics covered by the online CNA training programs are the same that are taught in the college base CNA training programs.

Despite all the positive aspects of the online CNA Training course, there is a significant difference between the two forms of training, and that is the opportunity for the prospective Certified Nurse Assistants to get practical skills under the direct supervision of a certified training leader (RN – Registered Nurse). During the hands on CNA training classes many questions appear for the prospective nurse aides and also many mistakes are made performing the various manipulations and for the online CNA Training programs there is no certified trainer to stress on them and help the prospective CNAs eliminate them.

Certified Nurse Assistants have a lot of responsibilities, and because their patients depend directly on the level of their professionalism, it is important that prospective nurse aides to have all the training, knowledge and skills needed to perform their duties not only for their state certification exam, but also for the start of their CNA career. Researches show that those perspective nurse aides, who have decided to attend school based CNA Training program and have had the opportunity to personally work out with the help of certified training leader all the problematic aspects of their training, are much more confident in their skills on the CNA certification exam, compared to their colleagues who have chosen to attend online CNA training programs .

Another advantage of school training classes and programs is the fact, that prospective Certified Nurse Assistants develop qualities and skills to work in team (while helping each other in the performance of various training exercises). This type of interaction also helps prospective CNAs overcome the stres and prepare them to show their best during the CNA certification exam and after successful certification in their work, when critical, patient related, situations occur. Despite the great benefits of school based CNA training course, there is no reason to be claimed that online CNA training programs do not provide sufficient training and qualification for professional career. Everything depends on personal motivation.

Statistics show that online CNA training programs are preferred by prospective Certified Nurse Assistants who are considering a career change and have to combine their present career with CNA training classes and also by prospective professionals who are not able to afford to attend school/college based CNA Training program because of the higher tuition fees. Overall, school/college based CNA training programs are preferred by prospective nurse aides because of the hands-on experience they get and the interaction with prospective colleagues and certified trainers.

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